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School Band Program
Frequently Asked Questions…

Q.    What if my child decides that band isn’t for him/her after we have already rented an         instrument?

A.  No problem! Simply return the instrument to Morgan Music at any time during the term of the

     rental agreement and you're done.  It’s that easy!  There is NO long-term obligation.

     You can cancel at any time.   (Rent paid is non-refundable).

Q.    Are we required to rent an instrument before we buy?

A.  Absolutely not!  You can purchase your instrument at anytime you wish.  In addition, if you                  purchase  your instrument during the first 90 (ninety) days of your rental, we’ll deduct 10% from                  the purchase price and apply any rent you have already paid.  You can also purchase an                  instrument on band night, or at any time in our store, and receive a 20% discount off the                  purchase price.

Q.     What portion of my rent is applied to the purchase if I decide to purchase?

A.  Every dollar of rent is applied to the purchase price.  However, maintenance fees and sales                  taxes already paid will not apply to the purchase price.

Q.    How long must we rent before we own the instrument?

A.  If you continue on the rental program, you will own your instrument when you have completed                  your rental contract.  Each type of instrument will specify the number of months necessary to                  complete the rental as well as, the purchase price.

Q.    What about repairs and maintenance, aren’t band instruments expensive to repair?

A.  Yes, band instrument repairs can be expensive, that is why we add the maintenance fee to                   your rental each month.  Cost is between $5.00 and $8.00 per month, (depending on the                    instrument), and covers any repairs or maintenance necessary to keep the instrument in                    playable condition for as long as you rent the instrument.

Q.    My child wants to stay in band but, wants or needs to change to a different instrument,

       will we lose what we have already invested?

A.  NO.  We will require you to sign a new rental agreement for the different instrument but,  ALL                  RENT PAID on the previous instrument will apply should you decide to purchase later.

Q.     Are there any other charges or fees to buy the instrument once we have completed the rental           agreement?

A.  NO.  If you make all rental payments on time and for the entire term of your agreement the                   instrument is yours.  There are no other fees or charges.   Do keep in mind that Morgan Music                   retains ownership of the instrument during the rental term.

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