Terms of School Band Rent-To-Own Agreement

The undersigned, must be at least 18 years old, understands and agrees that:

  1. This is a contract of renting only and not of sale.
  2. The instrument may be purchased at any time during the course of the rental contract by paying the stated value of the instrument, less rent paid up to date of purchase, plus applicable sales tax.
  3. During the term of this rental agreement, this instrument will remain the sole property of Morgan Music Service, Inc.
  4. Morgan Music Service, Inc. has the right to take possession of this rental instrument any time that my account becomes delinquent beyond 30 days. I understand that this may include, but is not limited to while it is on school property and I authorize my school district to assist in the recovery process. 
  5. The renter has accepted the instrument in complete and good condition and will return in it in the same condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted (as decided by Morgan Music Service, Inc.).
  6. The term of this rental is month-to-month and may be canceled at any time upon the physical return of the instrument to Morgan Music Service, Inc. (Payments are non-refundable). Returning the instrument through your child's school does not guarantee immediate cancellation of your contract.
  7. The undersigned assumes financial responsibility for the loss or theft of the instrument while in their care. 
  8. Morgan Music Service, Inc. will, in return for the monthly maintenance fee, maintain the instrument in good playing condition at no additional cost during the course of the rental; vandalism, intentional damage, or abuse excepted. Also not covered are dents and dings that do not affect playability as well as instrument finish and other cosmetic wear and tear. Replacement of reeds, valve, oil, cork grease, and other consumables are the responsibility of the user and are not a part of the maintenance plan.
  9. Morgan Music Service, Inc. will be permitted to automatically charge your credit/debit card each month during the rental period for the total monthly cost as specified.
  10. Morgan Music Service, Inc. reserves the right to decline and/or cancel any digital contract for any reason at any time.